Great Ways to Cool Down this Summer

Summer heat can be oppressively hot, and finding ways to stay cool can seem nearly impossible. Here are some easy ways to beat the heat and get you back on your feet during the hot season.

Install an Air Conditioner

It might seem like a no-brainer, but installing an air conditioning unit seems like an expensive and unnecessary task to some people. While it’s true that ACs of the past wasn’t the most efficient—often times simply recycling hot and humid air—AC units of today are inexpensive, effective, and energy-efficient. In fact, you can even get a tax credit by installing a new, energy-efficient air conditioner. Replace that old swamp cooler and treat yourself to some cool air.

Find Some Water

Head to your local pool, beach, lake, or simply turn your sprinklers on and run through them. When it’s hot outside, nothing beats the feel of cool water on your skin. Not only is heading to the water refreshing, it also makes for a fun summer activity that your friends and family will love. Make sure pack a lot of water to drink, too; staying well hydrated during the summer months is an essential way to keep your body cool, produce sweat (which cools your body), and generally make the heat feel more tolerable.

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Eat Wisely

Eating big meals or hot foods during the summer isn’t wise. Big meals will cause your metabolism to rev, warming up your body even further. And the reasons for not eating hot soup on a hot day are self-explanatory: it’s plain uncomfortable. Rather, choose foods that are cool and easy to digest. Also, don’t sit down for large meals, but snack throughout the day instead. Cool veggies, summer salads, refrigerated fruits, and fish are great things to eat during the summer months. Not only will they help you to stay cool, but they’re incredibly healthy as well.

Head for the Hills

If you live in a place where getting to a higher elevation is possible, do it. Up in the mountains or forested areas, you’ll find cooler air and more trees, which provide a lot of shade. Going for a downhill bike ride can provide for a cool breeze on your skin, or going for a hike to a higher elevation will provide some relief from the sun. Just make sure you pace yourself and drink plenty of water on the way up and down the hill. An added bonus: you’ll get some exercise and get to enjoy the beauty that nature offers. If where you live is primarily flat, seek out a botanical garden or zoo—a lot of times you’ll find that water misters have been installed to help keep you cool as you walk around.

Stay Indoors

If you’re looking for a way to get out of the house but can’t tolerate the heat, head to your favorite café, restaurant, or even your local library. Most buildings will offer air conditioning, and ordering a cool beverage will help to cool you down. Make a day of it by inviting your friends or family along, or plan an entire day’s worth of indoor activities. If you have kids, head to your city’s children’s museum, aquarium, or the kids’ section of the library.

Don’t let summer heat be an excuse to lie around fanning yourself. Get out of the house and have some fun this summer!

This article was written by Travis Guerrero, a health and nutrition expert who hopes to help you cool down and avoid a heat stroke. He writes this on behalf of the AC Man of Houston, your number one choice when looking for AC repair in Houston.

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